8 comments on “Day 4: Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy

  1. I love following along everyday, great blog and pictures!!!! Hopefully Beth made it out safe and sound and the boys make it thru the dessert, can’t wait to find out!!!!

  2. So glad that hilarious shower scenario did not come true. I would have been creeped out as well. On a better note: THAT TACO LOOKS DELICIOUS.

    I’m totally moving.

  3. Beth, Mark just told me that you totally volunteered to do it again next year! You are the BOMB!

    (We’ll talk)

    • Actually, Ted called dibs on the SAG wagon next year. I’m so sad.

      Also, neither Tim nor Brian had ever heard of anything being called “the bomb” before. Weirdos.

  4. Beth! Your posts are my favorite!! Good luck with the salsa mission!
    Don’t tell Brian I was reading this at work:)

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