5 comments on “The hell with homework!

  1. Looks like you guys are really workin’ hard! Glad to hear you’re enjoying the trip so far. Make sure to get some quality R&R in the evenings…good to hear you ditched the homework last night 🙂 Keep up the good work brothers!

    ~Maggie (one of Brian’s employees)

  2. Yes. This is funny Brian! You are a natural blogger… just go with it!. And I am totally not reading this at work… I swear! Good luck with your climb today! Hope you guys are having fun!

  3. So, um, Leslie… Did you know your posting time appears on the blog? Just saying…

  4. Wait! It is now 3:16 P.M., and my comment posted at 12:01P.M. What’s going on here?

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