6 comments on “Day 3: Not gonna let ’em catch the Midnight Rider

  1. Is my nightly reading an anthropological curiosity that you wanted to preserve for all time on video?

    • Do you remember Dad reading the Reader’s Digest Humorous Section aloud to us and laughing so hard he had to hand the magazine over to Mom to finish the clip? I can still hear him trying valiantly to finish but laughter won out. Thanks for your daily blogs. pictures and videos (well done Brian). Makes us feel we are along for the ride!

  2. Based on my extensive experience, I’m confident that my dad was pronouncing it “tour-till-ah.” His spanish pronounciation was always quite the conversation piece for me and my siblings. I’m not sure how close you’ll get to it, but if he starts talking about “mess-ah-verty” he’s really saying something about Mesa Verde National Monument. Just an FYI.

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