9 comments on “Day 2: Who Can It Be Now?

  1. I am so enjoying your posts. I want to give a special shout-out to your moment of awareness and overwhelm, and to the Trees of Life.
    When can I subscribe to Beth’s Bar and Grill podcast?

  2. My Internet vis down, so sorry Brian; I am using Verizon. I just had to respond. Beth, your blog is priceless and entertaining. I am thoroughly enjoying reading it. The Internet went down right after I finished reading everyone’s posts for the day. It is raining here, so that may be why. Now you have to top today’s post.

  3. I totally agree with Laura – I would buy that painting as well. I think your 6/10 is underrating it. I would also likely listen to Beth’s Bar and Grille.

  4. O.S.T., how can I explain it
    I’ll take it frame by frame it
    To have y’all all jumping, shouting, saying it
    O is for other, S is for steak, and T is for ‘taters.

    You’re welcome.

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