10 comments on “Day 3: Superstition

  1. That was cinematic magic right there. Portrait view or not, your investigative journalism skills and your dad’s reaction are both priceless!

    • Matt – investigative journalism my ass. I ask Beth to watch the door and not let anyone come in, and what does she do? Takes advantage of a perfect opportunity to embarrass me, that’s what! The next time Steph steps out of a long line waiting to use the Ladies Room to use the unoccupied Men’s Room and asks you to stand guard, make sure you have your cell phone ready to take a video! 🙂

      • No matter how desparate, Steph would never use a public men’s room. Let’s face it, the stalls in men’s rooms are just gross! I’m glad to hear that you were just trying to be expedient and not having some sort of identity crisis after battling all of the wind and rain. Stay safe out there, and I’m with Chris…stay off those 60mph roads!

  2. The cat falling out of the tree does indeed seem symbolic. Maybe it just meant “It will rain today.”

    Also, I really love that camel statue.

  3. Antje was asking me about the titles of your entries and so I was singing her various snippets. In trying to get the lyrics for Superstition right, I googled and found out that the song was written by Jeff Beck (and Stevie) and that Beck had recorded his own version before Stevie, which is utterly amazing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHVPaifiBuY It seems like an accident of timing is the main reason this version never got much airplay. At any rate, Matilda started dancing to it immediately.

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