7 comments on “Day 4: Voices Carry

  1. Another supremely entertaining post! I love the Michael Bay reference and have already looked back at the two photos several times to renew my enjoyment. “ArMOOgeddon”? That wasn’t worthy, but I couldn’t help trying to match wits. I’m working on this.

  2. I think you should frame two of the photos – Trees of Life and The Dog that Came Out of Nowhere aka “The Flying Dog.” Then, Beth, you should start a new business and try to sell these framed pieces of photographic art to Texas Hotels. A third artistic contender would be the photo of Mark’s breakfast; it might inspire hotel visitors to crave the vittles.

    • The flying dog photo is actually a photo of Holly and Mark’s dog Gracie — Mark posted it to illustrate what it’s like when a dog is running after you. But it is a great photo.

  3. I think the tech on the floor is controlling the speed of the teleprompter. When I’ve done that job there were only two things that ever went through my head:
    1. Please don’t screw it up, please don’t screw it up, please don’t screw it up…
    2. Ahh man, I’m screwing it up.

    • Thanks Mike, it’s very interesting to hear what it’s like to be that guy. I was interpreting his posture as sort of checked out but now I see it as intensely attuned to whatever he’s looking at. p.s. Your dad forwarded all of us the video you made for your university and it’s excellent.

  4. Great post!
    That Twinkie video was unexpected and made me laugh and laugh.
    As did the Michael Bay cow comparison.

    Nice work, MRB, with “Armooogeddon.”

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