6 comments on “Day 3: In a Silent Way

  1. You’re going to have to reenact the pronunciation of “receipt” for me. I can’t quite wrap my head around that. Where is the stress? Reh-SEH-pit? REH-seh-pit?

  2. You’re really into seltzer, eh? After our tap water has been contaminated with rock salt last week, I really have a craving for some seltzer myself.

    • Yeah, in the past few months seltzer has become my preferred style of water. That really sucks about your tap water! The nice bottles I found at that one grocery store were Deutsches mineralwasser — Gerolsteiner.

  3. Just thought I’d chime in to confirm that I’m indeed reading along and enjoying!
    That photo of Lumberton, TX is really lovely, by the way!
    (And I’m only a little disappointed that “Metallica” didn’t win out as van name.)

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