3 comments on “Day -1: Hello, It’s Me

  1. That quite cheered me up. I’m always happy to be back on the road with you.
    Also you have succeeded in making me regret that I didn’t report in writing on my recent travel, as inconsequential as it was. There’s always something to write about, though, isn’t there? I must remember that.
    I ate a good number of meals alone that week and didn’t once interact with anyone. Good grief. Even the thought of willingly engaging with innocuous strangers for more than the briefest pleasantries gives me the willies.
    I take it back: once at the (free) concierge-floor buffet breakfast, I got up from my seat to get more, leaving my (free) New York Times as a table-holder (I thought) and came back to find someone in my chair. When he saw me hesitate nearby, with my refilled plate and cup of coffee, he inquired, bumbled, apologized, and we had to do a whole dance about “No, no, it’s fine; Are you sure?” etc etc.
    But I wouldn’t call that “willingly.”

    • I wish you had kept a log of your travel, too, because yes, there’s always something to write about and I bet you have many interesting reflections. It’s not too late!

      It took me a while in my solo travels to drum up the desire/nerve to interact with people. Alcohol helps with this, which maybe isn’t the way it should work, ideally, but it does work.

      I enjoyed the stolen table story. Yesterday I marked my own table with a cup of coffee before making an English muffin. It was crowded and I was paranoid, so I kept walking back and forth putting more stuff on the table — a newspaper, then a packet of butter.

  2. Hi Beth – I enjoyed reading your post, although I thought you said you had 5 drinks that night. Did you miss some in your blog, or did you count the Scotch for more than one. 🙂

    Anyway, I hope you’ll be able to write every day on this last leg.

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