2 comments on “Day 8: We Are the Champions

  1. Beth – Wow! What an outstanding post! The video was really cool, even and maybe especially when you were getting out of the car and running to the beach! All your observations, and the way you state them, are really interesting and so spot on!

    I am so glad you were with us every inch of the coast-to-coast adventure, taking care of all of us, anticipating our needs, and documenting it for all those who were not with us.

    We all had a tremendous time together – the brothers, the cousins (Mike for a day, Mary for parts of two days, and Matt for big portions of L5 and L6), and especially you!

    • Thanks, Dad! I’m so glad to have been a part of this. Like I said, I have one more entry to write. I’ll talk more about what I’ve gained from the experience then.

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