3 comments on “7/4 (Shoreline)

  1. Great posts, Chris and Tim! Sorry about your phone, Babe. I hope it dries out and becomes usable again. Chris and Tim, when Brian begins to snore, just say, “Brian, you’re snoring! ” He will then stop without even waking up.

  2. I enjoyed reading this, Chris, and the part about wet clothes reminded me of the time we did laundry in Roskilde and the dryers didn’t work.

    It’s nice that you got to meet up with Maja. She must be due pretty soon, right?

  3. Great time reading your blog. I really wish I was there, too. Sounds like Tim (the mapman) is having a hard time navigating European bike roads. Glad Bike Friday can enjoy the adventure. Spill some Weibbeir suds on him for me!!

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