4 comments on “Kilometers and Smiles

  1. Entry highlights:

    – On the downside: you’re getting majorly dropped by two dudes in their sixties.

    – “because I already paid for it and showers are enjoyable”

    – In addition to the general loud inhalation aspect of snoring, his exhalation involved making extended cartoon-y propeller sounds with his lips.

    i laughed a lot, thanks.

  2. Chris, that was funny about the snoring. It made me think of the snoring sounds that the Three Stooges made when they all slept in the same bed. Great blog post. Personally, I would have never dropped you. I would have let you grab my wheel and pulled you up those long hills. What’s a matter with Tim and Brian??

  3. I was laughing out loud as I read this post. Chris your description of the cartoony propeller snoring was spot on. I am laughing so hard as I write this that tears are streaming down my face. Remember, Dad travels a lot, so I am often spated from the snoring. I really do just have to tell him that he is snoring, and he stops.

  4. Yes!Yes! Funneeee!! I’m sitting here reading excepts to Josh, we are both laughing! Definitely sounds like Three stooges snooring

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