3 comments on “Rochefort, BE to Luxembourg City, Lx. Not a ride for the faint of heart

  1. Great post, Tim. Thanks for taking the time and effort. I know sometimes after a long, hard day of riding, it is the last thing you feel like doing. I have a few questions:
    – Is Beth taking “Bye, Mom!” photos every morning? Because I wouldn’t know how to start a ride from a hotel without one of those!
    – Don’t any of the hotels in Europe have art?
    – Aren’t there any loose dogs in Europe?

  2. Great blog and great photos, Tim! I just finished reading it. I especially liked the photo of Brian and his “gut!”

  3. Mark: Yes
    Most do, but we stayed in one that didn’t. I’ll try to find a picture Brian took of the artwork on the glass bathroom door at the Klooster we stayed in.
    NOOOOOO, Thank God. Not a single loose dog, except one that was too old to get up from his nap.
    Thanks for following us.

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